Satya Wellness

Web design and management for a small natural health practice.

Satya Wellness

Christine, owner and founder of Satya Wellness, needed a website and logo refresh. We updated some of the color and typography in the company logo. Then, with this new color tone, we were ready for a site overhaul. She had recently had a couple photo shoots with her daughter, Shannon Cronin, who is an extremely talented photographer. These were very helpful assets to have on hand that you are not always fortunate enough to have as part of a site design. The goal was to heavily hinge the design on these beautiful photos and surround them with a clean, bright design.

When I originally redesigned this site it was rebuilt in Wordpress but I recently migrated it to Webflow (as I've been slowly convincing all my clients to). We were able to set Christine up with full CMS functionality so she could update her services and manage her blog through the site. Migrating to Webflow also improved her overall site performance and improved her company's SEO value.

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